The project explores the issue of women’s invisibility: INVISIBILITY as transparency, invisibility as freedom, invisibility as purity, invisibility through darkness and attempt to reach the door of soul perception in constant change.
The imagination can open many hidden doors of our mind and emotions. Chaos, balance, black, white, limited and unlimited. It is about the liberation of our being, imagine the present projected in another dimension, differentiating itself from the society that surrounds it.
 Tags? No, nobody is nobody, we are all what we are, we are all what we feel, we are all continually looking for the way out, the feeling of inner freedom, the constant struggle to be accepted, but the reality is that nobody has to be accepted or involved in a static concept of what the human being represents in this life. «The contact between the eye (of the observer) and the light (of the body) is broken and the body becomes invisible».